Donghai Rescue Bureau of the Ministry of Transport of PRC (hereinafter called “DRB”), one of the national professional maritime rescue organizations which is subordinate to the Ministry of Transport, was established on June 28, 2003. Under the jurisdiction of the Rescue & Salvage Bureau of the Ministry of Transport (hereinafter called “CRS”), the organization’s main duty is to execute the principles, policies, laws and regulations concerning maritime rescue of the Ministry of Transport; to undertake life rescue for vessels and maritime facilities in the East China Sea, as well as life saving for domestic and foreign aero crafts and other objects in distress ; to undertake maritime fire fighting purposed for life saving; to undertake rescue of vessels, maritime facilities and other properties at sea directly purposed for life saving; to undertake special political and military tasks and disaster relief  instructed by the government; to perform obligations under concerned International Conventions and Bilateral Maritime Agreements. The headquarters of DRB is located at Shanghai No.1426 Yangshupu Road. DRB governs 9 sub-units, including a rescue fleet, a supply department, an emergency response team and 6 rescue bases, namely Lianyungang, Shanghai, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Fuzhou and Xiamen base. Her area of responsibility is from Lianyungang in Jiangsu Province to Dongshan Island in Fujian Rrovince.

Presently we have 798 in-position staff and workers, and have 25 rescue vessels, including four 9000Kw tugs, one 6000Kw tug, three 3200KW to 6000KW tugs, five 1940KW tugs, one 720KW tug, four high-speed rescue boats and seven small rescue boats of other types. According to the latest deployment of CRS, these vessels are arranged at 26 standby stations in Lianyungang, Yangtze Estuary, Ningbo (Zhoushan waters), Wenzhou, Fuzhou, Pingtan, and Xiamen. Donghai No.1 Flying Rescue Team has one S-76+ and Donghai No.2 Flying Rescue Team has one Dolphin 365N helicopters deployed on-duty locations in Shanghai and Xiamen. An air-sea joint rescue system is therefore established.

Since the establishment, all staff of Donghai Rescue has made their best endeavor to build up a professional maritime rescue force with capable personnel, excellent equipment, consummate technology, that can play a key role at crucial moments. We have and will alway stick to the central task of maritime life-saving and carry forward the spirit of “give the hope of life to others, while leave the danger of death to ourselves” so as to develop a joint rescue system of air, surface and underwater. By the end of April, 2011, Donghai Rescue has been on standby for totally 44838 days, dispatched rescue forces 3517 times, performed 2687 rescue actions, rescued 10010 people in distress at sea including 1052 foreigners and rescued 377 vessels in distress at sea of which 76 are foreign vessels. The approximate value of the property saved worth 26.3295billion Chinese RMB. During the last 7 years, Donghai Rescue has successfully salvaged the helicopter of the Antarctic research vessel “Snow Dragon”, assisted the oil tanker “Li Hua 6” which was seriously damaged, avoiding marine pollution, rescued the supertanker “PRONT PAGE” which was out of control and the liquefied gas carrier “GOLDEN CRUX 18” which burst into fire. Meanwhile, Donghai Rescue has taken many influential missions such as the maritime safety-ensuring tasks for “Shenzhou 6”, “Shenzhou 7”,Shanghai EXPO and so on, making great contribution to national maritime safety, people’s lives and properties.

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